one call – save all

About us

T-Call was founded in 2016 with the aim of protecting people in critical situations. The programmers at T-Call in Boston and Hamburg have developed and sustainably tested a unique technique, in order to live up to the self-imposed motto “one call – save all” with GlobalAlerts. The result; GlobalAlerts is the only communication technology that does not require a connection to the Internet, but works on any phone – whether smartphone, normal cell phone or landline!

Over the years, GlobalAlerts has become the only real global solution to manage crises and threats and became a communication system that knows no borders, has no language barriers and is the only real way for illiterate and partially sighted people to get information. GlobalAlerts helps governments and organizations manage critical events quickly, safely and reliably.

Former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan said during the last major Ebola outbreak, “we could have saved thousands of lives with this technology.”

In the meantime, the World Health Organization has made GlobalAlerts a pilot project as a safe information tool. Several African countries are already using it to disseminate important information, and other continents will soon follow given the current situation. In the past ten days alone, GlobaAlerts has received over 300 million new users.

With the national alert service “AlertGermany”, GlobalAlerts responded immediately to the outbreak of the corona virus and created a safe and quick way to disseminate important information to citizens! In fact, every citizen who owns a telephone. In times of the corona crisis, the importance of telephony is undisputed. When minutes count, AlertGermany can broadcast the important information as a call within seconds.

The more companies prescribe home office, and with 11 million schoolchildren at home, the Internet is becoming more and more stressed and may eventually become overloaded. When it comes to informing the population quickly, precisely, nationwide but above all demonstrably, there is no other choice than the phone. For AlertGermany: No internet, no app is required, everyone is reached! That is why the Federal Ministry of Health considers the use of AlertGermany to be very helpful.

Registration is deliberately very simple: send an SMS to 0157 3599 5030 with your own postcode using your mobile phone. For older citizens, you can register the number to be reached at, also specifying the postcode.

From now on, vital information will be transmitted by phone thanks to close networking with the authorities. Based on the zip code this will be messages with nationwide, limited to the state, or regional reference.

The former head of the federal police, Prof. Hellenthal, calls GlobalAlerts – Siren 2.0, because you can really reach anyone at any time. No warning app or email does that.

Managing Director of the company is the former Hessian Minister for Federal and European Affairs, Volker Hoff: “With this innovative development, we provide politics, important authorities and all citizens with a product that makes everyone’s lives a little safer. Invaluable in these difficult and uncertain times. “